Welcome to the Florida Biofuel & Bioenergy Association, Inc. (FBBA)

As a non-profit 501(C)(6) trade association, our goal is to serve as the clearinghouse and repository for businesses and government agencies looking for information, education and resources regarding:

  • Biofuel and biomass to energy market development
  • Biofuel and biomass to energy services and products
  • Clean emerging technologies such as cellulosic ethanol, advanced continuous flow systems for biodiesel, and smart grid applications for reliable grid and promotion of a “plug-and-play” infrastructure
  • Education relating to regulations at the Public Service Commission, Department of Environment Protection, and Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  • Educational assistance for trade journals and associations regarding legal, technical, and policy issues
  • Provide and in some cases author technical reports, white papers at the request of our Board, as well as, the FBBA’s annual report to the Florida Legislature, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the Executive Office of the Governor
  • The FBBA develops educational materials, training programs, and facilitates conferences/workshops related to biodiesel, ethanol, and other agriculturally and waste derived fuels.
  • The FBBA also develops educational materials and training programs and facilitates conference/workshops related to biomass to energy for integration into utilities’ integrated resource plans for purchase power agreements
  • The FBBA works to coordinate with other environmental organizations, consumer groups, utilities, municipalities, state agencies, large corporate fleets, and acts as a liaison with industry development efforts in the bioenergy arena

The FBBA is also serving in an incubator role for economic development, providing infrastructure development efforts to help support and launch new technologies, existing and new corporations to create “a clear path to the goal line” in the State of Florida and the Southeastern United States.