Report Released:

The Florida Jobs Project: A Guide to Creating Advanced Energy Jobs.

This report was authored in collaboration with the Florida Energy Systems Consortium and led by the American Jobs Project, and was informed by dozens of interviews with local government, nonprofit, academic, and business leaders in Florida. The American Jobs Project seeks to provide a research-based guide for state and local leaders who want to provide good-paying jobs for the people they serve.

Their research shows that with strategic policies and a smart focus on industrial sectors, Florida can become a hub of innovation and job creation in specific advanced energy industries that capitalize on the state’s strengths. The report summarizes Florida’s competitive advantages in solar and biofuels and how to cultivate these industries by capitalizing on growing market opportunities and aligning manufacturing with critical economic system components, including access to capital, innovation ecosystems, and workforce development.

The report finds that, with the right policies, the solar and biofuels industries in Florida could employ an average of almost 98,500 people annually over the next 15 years.

The information in this report is intended to stimulate discussion of future growth potential and opportunities for barrier removal in the solar and biofuel manufacturing industries.

Questions about this report can be directed to Kate Ringness at or 510-664-7462. Please visit their website for a digital copy of the report.

The website also features a Policy Bank detailing best practices and innovative ideas for advanced energy job growth.